Monday, November 17, 2008


I love contrasts...

This morning, I received a call from one of my clients in Desert Mountain, Arizona. He said he was enjoying a cup of coffee on his back deck near the pool in almost perfect conditions. I thought, "wouldn't it be great being in Arizona enjoying the morning sun and planning an afternoon golf outing..."

However, we are enjoying almost perfect conditions for Fall in the Colorado is 46 degrees and sunny in Summit County. On this cool, crisp mountain morning, I decided to quickly change my thoughts from golf and head out for a trail run on the Frisco Pennisula Recreation Area. It was absolutely beautiful with images of the snow capped mountains reflecting in the still waters of Lake Dillon. The trails are partially covered in snow and I did not see another runner or mountain biker the entire run.

During the hour-long run, I thought of my son, Matt, who is in Africa for a study-abroad program with his college...he recently sent an e-mail with a description of a training run in the Jozani Forest in Zanzibar (he is trying to keep up his training for the Nordic Ski Team at Bowdoin College) is a portion of his e-mail "I did the coolest run I have ever done. It was like an hour of running through dense rainforest with monkeys running through the trees next to me and over my head right at sunset. It was pretty out of control. Then, the forest transitions into Mangroves and I ran along the boardwalk above all of these crazy crab and fish filled pools. It was really surreal."

Ahhhh, contrasts...

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Trina said...

Speaking of contrasts.. I am in London today and surprise, it is misting and cool. It is days like this that give London its well deserved and accurate, in my experience, reputation. But, even a bit of rain and fog can't dampen my enthusiasm for the place.

I can hardly wait to experience another stark contrast going from 10 feet above sea level in Manhattan -- well, I am on the 15th floor so maybe I live at 160 feet above sea level -- to the 9,000 foot elevation of my new home in Breck. I won't get out for Christmas but I'll see you in the New Year.

Enjoy Africa.